Working in Australia as a Doctor – What you should know

Working in Australia as a Doctor – What you should know

It doesn’t matter where you are coming from

I have seen many who came with the dream of becoming a doctor and they made and now work as doctors in Australia. Let me not waste your time.

Step 1

The first step for an international medical graduate to become a doctor in Australia is to apply for registration to practice.

Everything you need to know is in the primary source –

Step 2

No doctor in Australia became one without passing the AMC exams. So you will need to apply and take the exam.

There are generally 2 parts to this exam, and the cost to the first part is AU$2720

The exam is for a 3.5 hour MCQ exam with 150 questions.

The primary source for the exam is here –

It takes about 2-3 months for passing the AMC MCQ. This is possible only with a very focused & specific knowledge and training.

Some however take 12 – 15 Months for the exams, going through text books & thorough study.

The second part is the AMC Clinical, which costs approx AU$3530 (centre in Australia).

There are a total of 16 clinical stations, and one must pass a minimum of 12 stations – The primary link is –

Fees an be found here –

The exam is difficult only if you do not realize the secrets to passing AMC exams. We have summarised the secrets for you here.

Step 3

You must register with the Medical Board. AHPRA is the authority for Australian Medical board. Meet AHPRA here: 

Limited registration for hospital doctors:

Able to work for a specific hospital/GP centre only, under the supervision of AMC (Australian Medical Council) MCQ exam + English test (Minimum requirements: IELTS Individual brand 7, OET – Grade “B” in individual brand) + Hospital job offer (After job application & interview)

Limited registration for General Practitioners (GPs):

Registration is also feasible for those able to work under supervision of AMC and with MCQ exam + English test + GP job offer (After job application to different GP centres) + PESCI exam.

Details are here:

Provisional registration also exist for those able to work for specific hospital/GP centre only) and with AMC MCQ exam + AMC CLINICAL exam + English test + Job position

General registration are for those who are able to work unrestrictedly- Anywhere in Australia.

AMC MCQ exam + AMC CLINICAL exam + English test + Job position + 1 year rotation in Medicine, surgery, Emergency (10 weeks each minimum) OR 1 year GP job & a certificate from practice principal that candidate has enough experience with Medicine, surgery, Emergency patients.

Step 4

Hey, let’s talk about getting a doctor job in Australia

A lot of factors determine your success for getting a job in Australia.

Basic requirement (AMC Exams+English test)

Work experience

Practice gap


Dedications to apply without loosing hope

Right time (Vacancy), right person (HR), right approach


True facts

You must know the downside of the journey you are about to take:

  • AMC clinical pass rate is 10-15% currently,
  • Lots of Australian graduates are finishing MBBS after 2012 & there is almost no intern positions for overseas doctors since 2013,
  • Lots of overseas doctors are searching jobs
  • Highest medical entrance exam cost throughout the world
  • 100s already completed both parts of AMC, still search for jobs

But the positive sides include:

  • A lot of doctors in Australia are internationally trained
  • The pay is good 

We are always here to help you. 

Best of luck. Good wishes to all.

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  1. Hi there
    thank you for your help, i want so guidance regarding Cv making and if you know someone who can professionally make it please send me contact details. One more thing what is pesci passing ratio?
    I am currently holding part 1 and Language score.

      1. Dear Dr Rabia,
        The PESCI workshop on Saturday of 24th April will be from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

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