Why work as a doctor in Australia?

Why work as a doctor in Australia?

Australia is an excellent place for families – education, healthcare, and outdoor lifestyle, couple with opportunities – making it a perfect place for children to grow up. 

Apart from Australia being a country known for excellent work-life balance, world-class training, and high standards of care. It is one of the most popular destinations for foreign doctors.

Here are some reasons why Australia is a perfect part of the world to be a doctor.


There is a constant search for qualified people in Australia who want to work hard, especially in the medical field. Considering that there are world-class possibilities across metropolitans and remote locations, there is something for everyone.

Take, for instance, for those that are looking for locum jobs, the demands for locum tenens are at an all-time high, so if your skillset fits, you should be able to find plenty of opportunities in Australia. 

2.High earnings

A good number of the highest-earning professions in the world all came from the medical Industry. Hence, it’s no news that in Australia, medical doctors get paid handsomely. 

Another plus is that employers are required to pay you for any overtime – which in some cases can be up to double your average rates – that includes hefty premium on public holidays, night shifts, and weekends.

As an employee, employers must pay an additional 9.5% into a superannuation fund to aid your retirement apart from your salary and premiums. 

Overall, as a medical doctor in Australia, you’ll be making a good amount of money annually, giving you an edge over other countries when it comes to salary.

3.Work-life balance

Australian’s have a “work hard, play harder culture”. 

Even in the most stressful professions, such as the medical field, there’s a healthy balance between time off for rest, relaxation and family. 

But this doesn’t mean if you choose to work in Australia, you should have a laid back attitude to work.

Doctors generally work 38-40 hours per week, and if, in some cases, you are to do overtime, you’d be fully compensated. 

4.Education and career growth 

Doctors in Australia are constantly learning and building their skills.

Hospitals being well-staffed gives you time to treat your patients and at the same time progress in your career. This means, apart from enjoying financial rewards, you get professional ones too. 

Are you working in the public sector? There are opportunities to move into a specialisation. If you work in private practice, there is a need to gain vocational recognition through a program

5.Well Respected

Throughout the Industry, doctors get a high degree of respect in society. In Australia, you’re not only given respect in the community; colleagues respect each other as well.

Junior doctors are treated with respect by their senior colleagues, allowing them to work with a great degree of exploration.

If you’re an IMG looking to work in Australia, you’d be glad to know that doctors from overseas are readily accepted because Australia is a friendly nation with welcoming hands.

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