What is the Australian Medical Council & AMC Exam Pass Rate?

What is the Australian Medical Council & AMC   Exam Pass Rate?

Being a doctor in Australia is tough.

It begins with an application to register and seat for the almighty Australia Medical Exam (AMC). Every year thousands of foreigners rush to register for this exam. They come with great hopes, after all, the pay and prestige are worth it.

But the statistics continue to scare people away. To be or not to be, that is the question.

The Pass Rate of AMC Exams

According to the latest report from the AMC, in one year, there were 2,663 people who sat for the AMC MCQ (Part 1) exam, but only 1,559 candidates passed. That’s a pass rate of about 58% people who will be eligible to sit for the AMC clinical exam. 

But for the AMC Clinical Exam, only 597 candidates passed out of 2,165 candidates who wrote the AMC clinical exam (Part 2). That is less than a 28% pass rate.

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Which translates to this –

Of every 10 people that sat for the AMC clinical exam, only 3 get to pass. So, do you want to know how to become a doctor in Australia?

I suppose one can decide to call it quit, but here is the truth –

Those before you quit remember this:

Apart from the attractive salaries, there is also the relaxation of tax. See below:

So how can you sit for the AMC Clinical Exam, pass and become a doctor?

#1 – Read the books

The AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment book is very important. It gives the overall idea about AMC clinical questions and prepares you on what to expect.

This book provides self-learning exercises to help prepare for AMC clinical exam.

The Surgery Text Book by Scott is another important book. Also, O&G Text book by Lilly & John

There are many medical resources available online

Guess what? Our people have always performed higher than most students who sit for the AMC clinical exams.

#2 – Revise AMC Past Papers

There is an African proverb which means ‘One does not get a loss on the road he knows so well’. This is true. Past questions and papers prepare you for the journey.

AMC suggests that applicants undertake an enhanced report on clinical abilities and other diagnoses.

If you have any problem, do feel free to reach out to us here.

If you’re an IMG and looking for more information on becoming a medical professional in Australia. Visit this link


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