Unconventional Ways to Study for your AMC MCQ Exams

Unconventional Ways to Study for your AMC MCQ Exams

As an IMG, studying for the Australian Medical Council Exams can be very hectic sometimes as your first exam hurdle to get through is the AMC MCQ Exam.

 Most of the IMGs, preparing for the AMC MCQ Exams are working full time as well, making it even harder for them to take out time for amc exam preparation.

It’s a fact that the study pattern for the AMC exam is hard and requires a lot of willpower to get past the boredom and tiredness. If you are appearing for the AMC MCQ exam soon, then there are a number of important and uncommon things we’d be sharing to make your AMC preparations easier.

Once you start preparing, you will start hitting the strides after some time, initially you will have some trouble finding a rhythm. 

Case studies can be very lengthy for some students. To assimilate this in a better way, you can get creative and rewrite them into shorter verses that can be committed to the memory. What’s more? Studies of the brain and memory reveal that exposure to music not only alters but increases brain function in students. The result of this study shows that students who are into music can as well memorise their notes in the form of songs.

Memorizing your notes in songs or against any song will also increase your speed in writing that particular answer of your AMC examination.

Explore Study With Study Partners

Preparing for the AMC Exam while sitting at the same desk every time can be boring sometimes. It can also affect your focus.Solving with study partners is faster than doing alone, and less boring.     Experiment with studying at different locations other than your desk or your bed.  Dedicate some hours, go sit in a park or under a tree

When you study in a group, you can turn your revision practice into a game. For example;

  • Who can recall the most number of definitions in five minutes?
  • Who can complete an AMC MCQ past-paper in the least possible time? 

That joggles your memory the more and helps with the memorisation.

Stick your notes for easy recall.

When studying for your AMC preparation, write down definitions, important points, or a list of difficult terms. Seeing the colorful sticky notes around you enhances the memory &  will help in the revision & learning process.

This process is recommended so as to recall notes from multiple sites during AMC preparation

Rise Early And Push Forward 

When you get stuck while preparing for your AMC MCQ Exams your brain runs low on its creative juices.Try waking up early, we are talking about 4-5 AM early. 

Studies have shown that people are more productive & fresh when they split their sleep into 2-3 naps. So, get up early, study, nap, spend the day as per your schedule, take a nap, study & repeat.

Give yourself a treat

After setting objectives for yourself and getting done with a particular chapter or the past paper. Regardless of whether it is a break, reward yourself, take that favorite snack of yours, watch that movie you’ve been putting away for long, anything to remove an opportunity to venture from the notes & books.


Participating in exercise not only keeps you fit but it also jogs your memory.

 Take short workout breaks during study time. You don’t need a 30-minute workout session. Besides if you spend all day stuck to your desk, you’ll only get tired of studying and lose your productivity.

 While you are studying, stop every half hour or 40 minutes and move around. Walk around your study space, stretch, jump, go outside, do some yoga.

Be positive, believe in yourself, you might get overwhelmed if you think about all the material to be read to prepare for this exam.  Get moving and keep your eyes set on your goal, to pass the AMC MCQ Exam.

 Once you start studying, you will yourself realize that it’s not impossible! 

To spice up your reading routine, try out these unconventional tips when studying for your AMC MCQ Exams. These are some ways to try out if you’re a student who always tries to think outside of the box or search ways to enhance their productivity for the AMC Exam preparation. 

Find out which works for you best, and make good use of your limited time to study the AMC exam.  

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