How to find the right books to study for the AMC MCQ Exam

How to find the right books to study for the AMC MCQ Exam

If you’re a medical student, chances are you are studying long hours for your amc exams and have very limited spare time for doing anything else. 

Plus, you’ve probably searched “Where do I find the AMC exam preparation textbooks?” on Google.

However, while studying medicine can at times feel all-consuming, you may be interested in hearing from people who have been through it all already and come out the other side. Which is what today’s blog is all about. 

Most of the recommended medical school books are huge textbooks that you will not be able to finish. But the truth is you can’t do that with a textbook. Textbooks are dry. Textbooks are big. Textbooks are slow. And textbooks are expensive. If you do need them, you can always borrow them from your school library.

So today, we guarantee that if you know these few books like the back of your hands, you will pass your AMC EXAM because you’ve prepared like no other young doctor — using these recommended AMC question banks.

Alright, so let’s get started with the right books to study for AMC MCQ Exam…

List of AMC MCQ exam preparation books

1. AMC MCQ – Handbook of multiple-choice questions

AMC MCQ – Handbook of multiple-choice questions is undoubtedly one of the first books to acquire before starting your amc exam preparation. The book provides worked examples of 125 question exams that are complete with a subject-wise compilation of important sample questions and a detailed explanation of how to arrive at the correct expected answer. 

This book also touches upon high yield topics and sample question papers that you can use to time yourselves whilst answering – quite akin to an actual exam.

2. Anthology of multiple-choice questions

Anthology of multiple-choice questions is often referred to as the Bible of Differential Diagnosis amongst AMC aspirants, the book is a near-perfect compilation of common symptoms and an exhaustive list of conditions that can present with these symptoms. It also carries pictures of important presentations that are helpful to visually remember different disorders. Undoubtedly, this is a great amc question bank to fall back on.

3. John Murtagh’s General Practice

This book is golden for protocols and tenets in the management of important and common presentations in general practice. This gem has an increased focus on evidence-based medicine and it is loaded with over 80 new photographs and illustrations, there are now more than 800 full-color visual references.

4. Good medical practice

A book of professionalism, law, and ethics, mentioned as a valuable reference book on the AMC website. This is also a good resource for AMC exam preparation.

5. Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice

It’s aka the RED BOOK published by the RACGP is an important reference for preventative guidelines and pro-active primary and secondary care for common conditions seen in Australian general practice.

Subjects that are the focus of the AMC MCQ-CAT exam are Medicine, Surgery, Child Health, Women’s health, Mental health, Population Health, General Practice, Law and Ethics, and misc. These individual subjects have been mentioned along with recommended publications on the official website.

Books like RCH, RCOG are regularly updated and it’s important to keep up with them as they are just a few of the important online resource that students should adopt as a preference

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AMRC wishes each of you the best in your endeavor to become a successful doctor in the beautiful country of Australia!

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