How to find the right books to study for AMC MCQ exam

How to find the right books to study for AMC MCQ exam

If you’re an IMG and seeking your career in Australia as a medical professional. But the main challenge for you must be what reference books can you trust during the AMC MCQ exam preparation.

Being a reputed and the best institute for AMC exam preparation in Australia the queries we are asked by the candidates:

  • What are the right books for AMC MCQ exam preparation?
  • How to prepare for AMC exam?
  • There are many books available which one to choose?
  • Where can I find the AMC MCQ exam material?

In this Blog, We will guide you on how to prepare for your AMC exam and which books are right for the AMC MCQ exam.

Exam Preparation Guide

MCQ examination is a comprehensive examination of medical knowledge and practice.

The MCQ CAT examination is a computer-administered examination that consists of 150 Type-A questions:

  • 120 questions are scored questions.
  • 30 questions are pilot (non-scored) questions
  • 3.5-hour session.

About the AMC preparation, it depends how much time you give for studies, if you dedicate 8-10 hrs of sincere study, we believe 5 months are enough!


Complete AMC exam handbook word by word, it will give you the hang of the pattern of questions!


Solve past papers and go through them carefully, minimum last 5-10 years. Dedicate at least 1-2 hours to solve recalls


Search answers in Murtagh! at least read those topics from Murtagh which you believe are important. Murtagh is one of the most important and handful book for the AMC MCQ exam preparation.

AMC MCQ exam preparation books

1. Anthology of Medical Conditions

The Anthology of Medical Conditions created not exclusively only to help international medical graduates (IMGs) to prepare for the AMC examinations but also as an essential book for clinical practice.

It is fundamental for all specialists to be acquainted with the laws of the society in which they practice medicine and the morals that support clinical practice.

2. Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions

The AMC Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions is a significant distribution intended to help IMGs plan for the AMC’s Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Examination.

It contains very nearly 600 different decision addresses drawn from the AMC Examination banks. The handbook covers all orders and clinical classes and contains a total multidisciplinary 150 inquiry MCQ paper.

This book covers the following disciplines:

  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Paediatrics
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Population health
  • Community and General practice
  • Epidemiology
  • Ethics and the Law

3. Good Medical Practice

The AMC Good Medical Practice – Professionalism, Ethics and Law is an ideal centre course reading for IMGs, medical understudies and specialists in preparing.

The book is suggested perusing for IMGs who are going to appear for AMC exam.

4. John Murtagh’s General Practice

This book is the gold standard reference for becoming a doctor in Australia and new graduates and students in the fields of medicine.

A basic issue-based way to deal with general practice ideal for physicians, residents, and medical students.

If you’re an IMG and looking for more information on becoming a doctor in Australia or need help with AMC MCQ exam preparation

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