How to find the right books to study for AMC Clinical exam

How to find the right books to study for AMC Clinical exam

If you’re an IMG and pursuing your career in Australia as a medical professional. You have to appear in AMC exam but the main hurdle for you must be what resources can you trust during the AMC clinical exam preparation.

Being a reputed and the best institute for AMC clinical preparation in Australia the queries asked by the candidates likely:

  • What are the right books for AMC clinical exam preparation?
  • How to prepare for AMC exam?
  • There are many resources available online which one to choose?
  • Where can I find the AMC clinical exam material?

We have decieded to help you out in finding the right material for the AMC exam preparation.

Also you find best and effective tips for AMC clinical exams preparation.

AMC Clinical exam preparation material

For the AMC clinical examination preparation, AMC recommends that applicants undertake a detailed report on clinical abilities and other diagnosis.

Experience shows that a summary of journals which contain articles dealing clinical conditions from the Australian area will likely undoubtedly be more effective in preparing to the clinical assessments compared to spending an excessive amount of time on books.

A set of helpful journals is given below.

Handbook of Clinical Assessment

The AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment book is a thorough guide to clinical practice in Australia. It’s created around self-test clinical activities using corresponding commentaries and operation instructions representing best practice fundamentals.

This book provides unique self-learning exercises to assist preparation for AMC clinical exam.

It cover all domains and disciplines for the medical graduate who is seeking an internship as a medical professional.

The book covers:

  • Ethics & The Law
  • More that 150 self-assessment tasks and performance guidelines
  • 8 complete trial examinations for self-testingCommunication Skills
  • Clinical consulting skills

Other suggested material

There are many medical resurces available online and most of them are of high standard. They range from short texts, which cover essential knowledge, to long and comprehensive treatises which most people use as reference books.

There are lots of medical resources readily available on the web & the majority of these are of high quality.

They include short texts that include fundamental understanding, to comprehensive and long treatises that people use as reference books.

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  1. exam last Nov. ok live in Auckland & am preparing for my NZREX exam. I’m 45 and working as physiotherapist currently . I’ve got a 15 yrs gap in my practice & need advice on which pathway to take for registration in Australia or NZ.

    1. Hi Kam,
      Thank you for your email.
      The advantage of getting your NZREX pathway is the NZ immigration that accepts migrants where the age cap is higher. In AUstralia, the maximum age to migrate is only up to 44 yo.