How to find jobs after passing AMC exam

How to find jobs after passing AMC exam

The Australian Medical Council was set up to guide International medical graduates during the process of accomplishing skilled admissions in Australia.

AMC is your confirmation locale of Australia that says the AMC’s capability entrance used by the Medical Board of Australia for enrollment purposes.

There’s not a list of approved occupations after becoming a doctor in Australia. You’re able to apply to job postings that fit your credentials along with experience, usually throughout the healthcare career portal sites, e.g. NSW Health, etc..

Australian Medical Council recognizes only the doctors who are good in their field and aim to work hard in fulfilling most of the healthcare services.

But there isn’t any way apart from the regular AMC exam and the job searches which one needs to do with their talent, hard work, and dedication.

Thus the moment you’re completed with this AMC exam preparation that the following thing to do will be to apply to your jobs in Australia

How to become a doctor in Australia

The Standard Pathway is for IMGs who are looking at how to become a doctor in Australia with the Board. This pathway applies to international medical graduates who are not qualified for the Accountable Authority Pathway or the Specialist Pathway.

There are 3 progressions of steps to follow to turn into an enrolled specialist in Australia.

  1. Primary source verification through ECFMG/EPIC
  2. AMC MCQ-CAT Exam
  3. AMC Clinical Exam

Guide to Find the job

It depends upon a lot of factors, e.g. you go through and how wonderful you present your CV and what jobs you are applying for, and where have you been applying (do not expect you’ll get work from the town instantly!)

The ideal shot is doing work for 1-3 years in a rural area at which the lack of doctors is immense.

If that’s the case that you opt to work at a rural area, you’ll almost certainly be employed by government organizations so that the cover with no uncertainty is really excellent.

You’re going to soon be working as an ordinary physician but with bigger categories of patients and ostensibly those are most of the gaps of employed in cities and also a rural location.

The doctor’s jobs in Australia

After completing AMC MCQ exam you can get in touch with recruitment agencies and search for jobs.

The fantastic thing is people can now choose your online recruiting process and remain in contact with the recruitment agencies online to get a job after passing AMC exam.

The Australian Websites for jobs

Australian Government, as well as private placement agencies, have all set up quite a lot of portals for applying online and helping you find the job. The most popular websites are:

However, no harm in trying to continue applying. Make sure that you continue practicing though because almost any difference in your CV won’t be helpful in your attempt to get a job.

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  1. Hi, I’m from India. I cleared AMC MCQ exam a week ago. AMC clinical exams are unavailable right now. Is there any chance to work as a medical officer in Australia with just AMC MCQ exam or do I need to pass clinical exam first before applying for any medical job. Can you enlighten me please?

    1. Dear Dr Divya,
      COngratulations for passing your MCQ exam!! It is possible to work as a Medical Officer with your AMC MCQ exam.
      You will need to find an emloyer though.

      We have webinar that discussed this pathway and we can invite you to join in our upcoming event.

  2. Hi!
    I passed my AMC MCQ exam, looking for opportunities to work in Australia. Is there any specific agency I should contact or?

    1. Hi Sweta, There may be agencies for employment. We will be in touch if we find an agency.
      All the best.