How to become a doctor in Australia – Guide for IMG

How to become a doctor in Australia – Guide for IMG

The Australian Medical Center was set up to direct International medical graduates during the process of accomplishing proficient acknowledgment in Australia.

AMC is your confirmation locale of Australia that states the AMC’s capability entrance used by the Medical Board of Australia for enrollment purposes & by all Australian authority medical schools for evaluation purposes.

AMC is the evaluation system to assess the graduates adhering to the AMC Standard Pathway and is the main system to provide the international medical graduates with a permit to practice in Australia.

The AMC Standard Pathway

The Standard Pathway is for IMGs looking for general enlistment with the Board. This pathway applies to international medical graduates who are not qualified for the Competent Authority Pathway or the Specialist Pathway.

IMGs who have an essential capability in medicine and surgery granted by a training foundation perceived by both the Australian Medical Council and the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) can apply for evaluation under this pathway.

There are 3 progressions of steps to follow to turn into an enrolled specialist in Australia.

  1. Primary source verification through ECFMG/EPIC
  2. AMC MCQ-CAT Exam
  3. AMC Clinical Exam

Primary source verification through ECFMG/EPIC

You will be granted with Australian Medical Council certificate after completion of the evaluation assessments, which is a document expressing your qualification for temporary enrollment that is important for employment in Australia.

According to the most recent measurements, the MCQ Exam was managed to a sum of 569 candidates in a week period and a sum of 323 candidates went during this evaluation period.


Australian Medical Council MCQ Exam is the initial move towards your excursion as an registered medical professional in Australia.

The AMC MCQ tests are based on the standards of medicine in the fields of general practice, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics, psychiatry, medical procedure and gynecology.

Its main focus is on basic clinical information, including a comprehension of the disease cycle, therapy, clinical assessment, diagnosis and examination.

The AMC Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) MCQ Examination is a multi-choice question assessment taken in one 3.5-hour meeting.

Some important points related to MCQ Exam:

  • The exam consist of 150 A-type MCQs (one right choice from five alternatives) 120 scored units and 30 non-scored units.
  • Candidate must endeavor all 150 questions and to score 120 questions are mandatory.
  • If candidate is unable to finish all of the 120 scored units in the examination then it may prompt lacking information for an authentic assurance of your ability and subsequently an impact on the AMC versatile scale.
  • In that case, the examination result will be recorded as ‘Fail’ (Insufficient information to acquire result)

It’s computer-based exams regulated at explicit Pearson VUE centres and can likewise be taken in nations outside Australia. 

Information with respect to accessible exam centres is accessible on the AMC site while Information about MCQ course that involves tutorials and lectures taken by our team of experienced, to get ready for the exam can be found here. The test is scored out of 500 with a passing characteristic of 250.

Candidates who have effectively gotten over half (i.e. 50%) in the AMC MCQ Exam are qualified to book the AMC Clinical Exam.

AMC Clinical Exam

The AMC Clinical Exam surveys clinical abilities in medication, medical procedure, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry. It additionally surveys the candidate’s capacity to speak with patients, their families, and other workers.

The configuration of the AMC clinical test is 20 units involving 14 scored units, 2 pilot (non-scored) units, and 4 rest (non-scored) units.

For Information about AMC Clinical course in which experienced tutors guide candidates with all the tools to help in clinical exam can be found here.

Candidates are possibly to fail the AMC Clinical Exam who score low or retake and since you cannot retake Clinical Exam now, it is very important that you are solid and steady for the Clinical Exam.

Online study material are accessible to get ready for the two exams but it is constantly exhorted that you take an expert course, educated by professional tutors and experienced international IMGs, who have experienced the entire cycle and can share tips and deceives of passing through these MCQ and Clinical Exams on the first go.

More Information on such courses can be found here!

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