Five AMC website pages every IMG should visit before creating an AMC Portfolio

Five AMC website pages every IMG should visit before creating an AMC Portfolio

For International Medical Graduates looking to take on the AMC exam, the Australian Medical Council (AMC) website, being a bulky site with lots of information can sometimes be quite confusing.

So in order to assist IMGs when creating their AMC Portfolio, we have put together a list of six helpful AMC landing pages all IMGs should go through before beginning their AMC Portfolio creation.

1) Check for Eligibility Of Your School

For IMGs who want to check the credibility of their certificate and if it’s recognised by the AMC as being eligible to apply for an AMC assessment.

This page can only be used as a tool to check the eligibility for the AMC assessment as it can only be confirmed after submitting a full application to the AMC. So, if you are deciding on applying for the AMC assessment, this page would be a good reference.

Self-check of eligible schools

2) Determine which pathway to take

You’ve determined if your qualification is recognised by the AMC, now what next?

Go to this page:

This page assists IMGs to determine what standard pathway is most suitable to proceed with. Whether it’s the Standard Pathway, Competent Authority Pathway, or one of the Specialist Pathways.     Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 2.54.49 PM

3) Check out the Identification requirements

If, from the previous pages, you’ve determined that you are eligible for one of the pathways, then move to the AMC’s own set of unique proof of identity requirements.

Identification requirements

 This next step is specifically tailored for doctors applying from overseas for an assessment. In the link above, you will find detailed info on what photo, passport, and other ID requirements you will need to meet if you proceed with an AMC assessment.

4) Fees and charges

For many IMGs, this is a piece of information they all need. This page gives details of all of the AMC portfolio fees,  examination fees, and other fees that may be applicable to doctors during their dealings with the AMC. All information regarding all the fees and refunds can be found on this page.

Here, give it a look:

5) AMC Portfolio 

After making the decision to create your portfolio, the last page we recommend you visit is the AMC portfolio page. 

On this page, there are lists of “how to apply” steps, as well as information regarding cancellation fees, FAQs covering who does and does not require an AMC portfolio, and what the next steps are after you create your portfolio.

AMC Portfolio

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