East way to pass AMC MCQ exam

East way to pass AMC MCQ exam

If you’re seeking your career on how to become a doctor in Australia but the main challenge for you is to pass AMC MCQ exam first.

If you’re looking for the AMC MCQ exam so on, then there certainly are numerous essential things you will need to think about. These things could make all of the difference between a good score, and also a poor score.

If you have some opportunity to actually know the AMC MCQ Exam structure, it is going to assist you to get ready for that exam in a far superior manner and will be more easier to pass this exam

What is AMC MCQ Exam?

AMC MCQ exam is a complete examination of medical knowledge and practice.

The MCQ CAT examination is a computer-administered examination and 3.5 hours long that consists of 150 Type-A questions:

  • 120 scored questions
  • 30 questions are non-scored

Easy and Effective Tips to Pass AMC MCQ Exam

About the exam preparation, it depends how much time you dedicate for studies and how determined you are to pass this exam.

We will mention easy tips we provide to everyone and which work for all our students. However, some might prepare it a bit differently, one way is not better or worse than the other.

6-10 hrs of study is enough in a day and we believe 4-6 months are enough!


Thoroughly read AMC exam handbook word by word You can get the best AMC MCQ Exam prep handbooks out of here.


Solve minimum last 5-10 years past papers and give at least 1-2 hours to solve recalls.


You can find best reading material online on:

Furthermore, can download the ‘blue book (of infectious diseases) free of cost from the internet for reference.

AMC MCQ Exam Preparation Books

One of the best and institute for AMC exam preparation in Australia we recommend these books for IMGs who have a desire in becoming a doctor in Australia. These books can help them in passing your exam.

  1. Anthology of Medical Conditions
  2. Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions
  3. John Murtagh’s General Practice
  4.  Good medical practice

If you are looking to get more information and help for AMC MCQ Exam preparation in Sydney, you can go here.

Also, book a FREE 1-1 session with one of our IMG expert HERE

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