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Clinical Trial Exam

Clinical Trial Exam


The AMRC Clinical trial exam is patterned after the AMC Clinical exam and is composed of 16 objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) stations with 4 rest stations. This exam allows you to experience the clinical exam in real time and prepare yourself to perform optimally under time crunch and pressure!

Course Objective:

This will help you assess areas of difficulty and those topics that need more preparation and improvement.

Course Assessment:

The exam is open to all IMG’s who would like to appear for a mock exam during their AMC exam preparation.

Our trial exams are scheduled all the year round and are usually on the fourth Saturday of every month. Additional sessions are organised when there is high demand to cater to the needs of fellow IMG’s.

Please refer to the dates below and ensure calling in to book your trial exam at the earliest to ensure we can book you in for the month of your choice.

We urge you to get in touch with us a minimum of 2 weeks or more prior to the examination date to avoid missing out on your preferred session!


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