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Clinical Bridging Course

Clinical Bridging Course


The AMC Clinical Bridging course is an intensive full-time 8-week course to prepare you for the Australian Medical Council Clinical Exam –which is the second step towards your journey as a registered medical professional in Australia.

The AMC Clinical exam course comprises of tutorials, lectures, preceptorships and trial exams taken by our team of experienced and motivated tutors in

  • Adult Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Child’s Health
  • Mental Health
  • General Practice
  • Legal Medicine and Ethics

This AMC Clinical exam course is specifically designed to coach you in clinical skills and procedures like history taking, performing an adept physical examination, ordering appropriate investigations, arriving at a skilled list of differential diagnosis along with the most probable diagnosis and managing the case as per a plan approved by the Australian medical council along with patient counselling and education.

AMC Clinical Bridging Course Objective:

We aim to guide you through the Australian medical council exam for foreign medical graduates, exposing you to frequently encountered and common clinical scenarios.

By training our students in a manner akin to the AMC Clinical examination pattern, we equip you with all necessary tools to perform optimally during your exam and pass with exemplary scores.

We equip our students with all the tools to help in Australian medical practice i.e. English requirements, career opportunities, basic and advanced life support, and procedural training.

AMC Clinical Bridging Course Framework:

Duration: 8 weeks (Both online and face to face options available)

Timings: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Located conveniently at Sydney:

AMRC Centre, Level 1, 7-9 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield 2135

AMC Clinical Bridging Course Assessment:

You will be offered several AMC Clinical Trial OSCE sessions during your course included in the course fee.

These trial exams allow you to experience the AMC Clinical Exam pattern and assess your level of preparation as they are patterned after the blueprint of the AMC Clinical Exam, with multiple stations and cases modelled after the AMC case distribution.

The detailed feedback sessions at the end of each OSCE will help you assess how to improve your scores and gain key tips to succeed in a Clinical based assessment!

At the end of your course, you will be offered an AMRC Clinical Trial Exam comprising of 16 stations and 4 rest stations, allowing you to gauge and assess areas that need more honing and preparation, guided by our experienced group of tutors.

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If you are interested in a part-time course, please reach out to us

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Are the bridging courses worth it?
Yes, definitely! it is worth it and here are some of the reasons: - These Bridging Courses introduce you to the Australian Medical System. - It opens a network of potential colleagues and referees - It significantly increases your chances for getting good marks in the exams - We offer a personalised approach in our tutorials and our students get all the support they need in their exam preparations
To attend the course, there is no English requirement.
Here are some links to get you started on your search for job opportunities here in Australia: Doctor Connect NSW Health Jobs Rural Health Workforce Australia NSW Rural Doctors Network Rural Workforce Agency, Victoria: RWAV
Special arrangements could be made. We do offer part-time options for all our courses. These can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Call us , to book an appointment so we can advise you regarding the same.
We are still working on avenues where permanent residents and Australian Citizens could avail financial aid from the government. Special arrangements could be made and is subject to approval based on personal circumstances. For details, please contact
For the AMC exam purpose, an exhaustive list of reading materials is in the AMC Examination Handbook. Here are some links to journals available online. Australian Prescriber Australian Family Physician Medical Journal of Australia Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Good Practice
It is best to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa requirements. Most of our participants get the Visitor’s Visa or Business Visa subclass 456.
We are conveniently located just a few steps away from Strathfield Station at Alrose Apartments Level 1 7-9 Churchill Ave Strathfield, NSW 2135. Once at the entrance, press 106 and the bell button at the intercom.