Your dream is to become a doctor in Australia.

But to achieve that dream of becoming a doctor, you must face the almighty Australia Medical Council (AMC) exam.

The recent stats show that out of 2252 candidates sitting for the AMC clinical exam, 1282 failed. But hey, you are not among those doomed to fail. You have come across this article because you want to pass and become a doctor.

Remember the story of Goliath? David defeated Goliath with just a sling and a stone. What you are about to read is your sling and stone that will help you in defeating the almighty AMC clinical exam.

1. The AMC Exam is not a theoretical test

Many read a lot of things and cram a lot of junks online, thinking that the AMC exam tests the knowledge of medical theories. No. It is simply a test of your ethical values, attitude, communication, confidence, etc. You want to be honest, clear and confident.

2. Divide the 16 Stations of the AMC Exam

This is essential if you must pull through. Begin with the pediatric, move into the psychiatric, gynecology and then the emergency, etc. You will be fine.

3. The AMC Exam has a lot of materials – so what doctor?

Many have given up when they think of the piles of materials they would have to read. But hey, that is why we respect doctors right? That is why we trust them with our lives and do as they say. Trust me, once you open that page and begin, the road is not far ahead anymore. The longness is a mirage. Begin to defeat!

4. Divide to conquer the AMC Clinical Exam

So one lesson from the masters of the art of war is this – divide to conquer. This rule applies here too. Divide your task schedules and study medicine at the end as it may take 2 to 3 months.

5. Revise AMC Exam books! Do not wound what you cannot kill.

If I have learnt anything from the villains in films, it is that you never scratch the surface. Never wound what you cannot kill because it will come back to smack you.

So, you want to keep enough time for revising all the AMC clinical books you have read. Revise! Revise! Revise! This cannot be overemphasized. Many who leave the revision part for the last minute have ended up going blank, confused and sometimes, insane.

Now you know what many do not know. To cover your schedules and have enough time for revision, you may want to dedicate between 8-10 hours a day for studying for the clinical exam on your way to becoming a doctor in Australia.

In this journey, you may need someone who will continue to guide you, offer you advice on the best courses and books there is for the exam, and help you ease the feeling of journeying alone.

We are here for you and you can book a free session HERE.

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