AMC Exam Preparation Books And Helpful Resources For Amc Clinical Exam

AMC Exam Preparation Books And Helpful Resources For Amc Clinical Exam

There’s never been an easier way for IMG’s pursuing a career in Australia to become a doctor.

But many cower in fear due to the main hurdle they’re to cross which is to pass the AMC exams. 

Want to know a secret? You’re not the only one feeling that way. And I’d show you why we said so.

Being the best institute for AMC clinical exam preparation, we know this because we get asked these questions:

  • How to prepare for AMC exams
  • Where can I get the AMC question Bank?
  • What are the right books for the AMC clinical exam preparation
  • What’s the best resource for AMC exams?

Think about this for a moment. Your dream is to become a doctor in Australia. 

No one said it was going to be easy. But no one mentioned you were doomed to fail as well.

This article would expose you to finding the right material.


You’ve heard this advice a million times,  and with your permission. Let’s add to that today by telling you that “Passing the AMC clinical exam requires you firstly believe in yourself”

We’ve all been there, but hey doctor, you need people to believe in you as well. Trust you with their lives and do as we say. 

For that to happen, we need to pass the AMC exams, and to do that, the battle of the mind has to be won first. 

Now that we’re cleared on that. Let’s get into the meat of today’s matter.

Here’s A Helpful Journal For You Below:

For the AMC clinical examination preparation, AMC recommends that applicants go through a detailed report on clinical abilities and another diagnosis.

From experience, it’s shown that a summary of articles dealing with clinical conditions in Australia will likely be more effective in preparing for the clinical assessments compared to spending a chunk of time on lengthy books.

One of such journals is the HANDBOOK OF CLINICAL ASSESSMENT

The AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment book is a thorough guide to clinical practice in Australia. Unlike some books out there, this book is created around self-test clinical activities using corresponding commentaries and operations on best practice fundamentals.

With this book, you can prepare for the AMC clinical exam using its unique exercises created solely for self-learning purposes.

The book covers:

  • Ethics & Law guiding clinical activities.
  • More than 150 self-assessment tasks and performance guidelines.
  • 8 complete mock-up examinations for self-testing communication skills
  • Clinical consulting skills – this differentiates you from others out there because you have gone beyond reading up solely for the AMC exam. You’re living the moment of becoming a Medical Doctor starting from reading this book.

Now there are other medical resources online. They range from short texts, which in most cases cover essential knowledge, to Long comprehensive materials most people use as reference books.

But just like Bruce Lee’s quote, “I do not fear a man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time, but a man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times”.

One thing should be noted and acted upon.

When preparing for your AMC exam, you should peruse 1 or 2 comprehensive books many times over.

And not hundreds of books.

Do you see where we are going with this?

You see, many read a lot of things and cram a lot of junk online, thinking that the AMC exam tests the knowledge of medical theories.

 No, it is simply the test of your ethical values, attitudes, communication, confidence e.t.c

And once you’ve nailed a few books talking about this, Done! You’re set for the exam

It’s pretty obvious once you think about it. Less is more. 

Above all, if we are to close this article, it would be unfair not to state another vital part of passing the AMC clinical course. 

During your AMC preparation, make sure you keep enough time to revise.

 Yes, revise all the books you’ve read, because many who leave the revision part for the last-minute finds it confusing, confusing to get back on track within a short time.

Bottom line; in this journey, you may need someone to walk you through the hoops you’re likely to face when studying. 

Someone who’s seen what many students preparing for this same exam does wrong. 

And that’s something we could help with. 

If you’re an IMG and looking for more information on becoming a doctor in Australia. Visit this link

We are here for you and you can book a FREE session right here.

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