AMC exam preparation books and helpful resources for AMC MCQ Exam

AMC exam preparation books and helpful resources for AMC MCQ Exam

If you are an international medical graduate embarking on a new and exciting journey to becoming a practising medical professional in Australia, then one of the doubts nagging you must be what reference books and resources can you trust during the AMC exam preparation period.

As a reputed bridging course in Sydney that offers both face-to-face and online options to our family of students, we are used to catering to these common queries –

“What if the medical practice protocol is different from the one I am used to?”

“There are so many AMC resources online! Which ones can I trust?”

“Is it possible to cover all topics and gain perfect understanding of the Australian way of medical practice in a few months?”

“Where do I find the AMC exam preparation textbooks?”

In this blog, I would like to point you to some valuable information that you might find helpful in the initial stages of your preparation for the AMC MCQ Exam.

List of AMC MCQ exam preparation books

1. AMC MCQ – Handbook of multiple-choice questions

AMC MCQ – Handbook of multiple-choice questions is undoubtedly one of the first books to acquire prior to starting your prep work. The book is full of multiple-choice questions that are complete with a subject wise compilation of important sample questions and a detailed explanation of how to arrive at the correct expected answer. This book also touches upon high yield topics and has sample question papers that you can use to time yourselves whilst answering, quite akin to an actual exam.

AMC Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions by Australian Medical Council

2. Anthology of multiple-choice questions

Anthology of multiple-choice questions is often referred to as the Bible of Differential Diagnosis amongst AMC aspirants, the book is a near-perfect compilation of common symptoms and an exhaustive list of conditions that can present with these symptoms. It also carries pictures of important presentations that are helpful to visually remember different disorders.

Anthology of Medical Conditions. : Australian Medical Council :  9781875440283

3. John Murtagh’s General Practice

This book is golden for protocols and tenets in the management of important and common presentations in general practice.

John Murtagh's General Practice : John Murtagh : 9780070285385

4. Good medical practice

A book of professionalism, law and ethics, mentioned as a valuable reference book on the AMC website.

Good Medical Practice, Professionalism, Ethics and Law by Kerry J. Breen |  9780521183413 | Booktopia

5. Guidelines for preventative activities in general practice

It’s aka the RED BOOK published by the RACGP is an important reference for preventative guidelines and pro-active primary and secondary care for common conditions seen in Australian general practice.

Guidelines-for-preventive-activities-in-general-practice Pages 1 - 50 -  Text Version | FlipHTML5

Subject-wise preparation

Subjects that are the focus of the AMC MCQ-CAT exam are Medicine, Surgery, Child health, Women’s health, Mental health, Population health, General Practice, Law and Ethics and misc. These individual subjects have been mentioned along with recommended publications on the official website.

Although it is entirely up to the student to choose their preferred reference textbook, it is also important to bear in mind latest editions and changes in practice protocols. These are achieved by keeping up to date with important online sources. A few examples are rch, rcog etc that are regularly updated.

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