5 AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Tips

5 AMC Clinical Exam Preparation Tips

If you are looking to become a doctor in Australia, If you are appearing for the AMC Clinical Exam soon, then there are a number of important tips that you need to consider before appearing for an exam. AMRC brings you 5 AMC clinical exam preparation tips are that going to help you pass the AMC clinical exam on the first go.

These tips can make all the difference between a good score and a bad score. If you take the time to actually understand the AMC Clinical Exam structure first, it will help you prepare for the exam in a much better way.

5 tips to prepare for AMC CLINICAL Exam

When you begin planning, you will begin to find your stride after some time, at first you will experience some difficulty finding a rhythm. This could be on the grounds that you are overwhelmed or that you have been away from studying for quite a while.

It requires some investment for AMC Clinical Exam Preparation, thus we will give you some tips to help you prepare.

We will mention the tips we provide everyone; however, some might do it a bit differently, one way is not better or worse than the other. We are here to give you tips which work for all our students.

  1. The Clinical exam is not a knowledge or theoretical test. It is a test of your attitude, ethical values, communication, and confidence. Don’t mix the facts in the exam, be honest and clear.
  2. You can divide the 16 stations. First start with pediatric, psychiatric, gynecology, and emergency.
  3. Be positive, believe in yourself, you might get overwhelmed if you think about all the material to be read to prepare for this exam. Once you start studying, you will realize that it’s not impossible! Initially, it will be slow to catch up with the rhythm, but you will speed up because you have studied hard all life.
  4. Divide and study. You can study medicine at the end as it may take 2-3 months
  5. Keep enough time for revision! It will have you all stressed if you leave everything till the last second. Do role-plays and read AMC clinical books.

It depends upon how much time you can dedicate per day for studies, if you dedicate 8-10 hrs of sincere study, we believe 4 Months are enough!

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