What is the Australian Medical Council Clinical Exam Pass Rate?

What is the Australian Medical Council Clinical Exam Pass Rate?

American Medical Clinic (AMC) is one of the largest diversified medical centers. In this blog, presenting you with some factual information about the AMC exam pass rate.

There are actually two separate exams to complete the AMC:

Part 1 – AMC MCQ Exam

Part 2 – AMC Clinical Exam

The major confusion of these International medical graduates who begin on this excursion to Australia as a doctor. The facts demonstrate that the pass rates change and are not a fixed norm. Let us take a gander at certain insights that will give you a wide thought of how these exams work.

AMC Clinical Exam Pass Rate Statistics

Once you pass AMC MCQ exam, you are then able to appear for the AMC Clinical exam.

Its an obvious fact that the Clinical examination pass rates are essentially lower in contrast with the MCQ pass rates. Information on different blogs expressing the pass rates are in every case under 10% isn’t trust-commendable information.

In view of the week by week Clinical exam results that are distributed on the official site, the pass rate is between 20 – 35%.

In 2018-2019, For the AMC Clinical Exam 537 candidates passed and acquired the AMC authentication out of 21,978 candidates assessed. Over half of these candidates were repeaters.

This affirms a yearly pass rate of 27.1%, rather than a 29% pass rate in 2017-2018. Pass rates in earlier years, lamentably, do affirm a moderate descending pattern, with likewise a reduction in the complete number of applicants showing up for the exam generally.

Candidates who score low or retake AMC MCQ Exam are bound to bomb the AMC Clinical Exam and since you cannot retake Clinical Exam now, it is staggeringly significant that you are decidedly ready for the Clinical Exam.

So we would state that the first part of the AMC exam is fairly hard and the second part is extremely hard.

Some useful information about preparing exam

Corresponding to the inquiry concerning how hard the Australian Medical Council Exam is. The response to this clearly relies upon a scope of elements, including how much time you put into planning for the exam and how close your own medical school preparing is to the Australian setting. You may peruse all the books in this world and still fail or you may peruse only one book and pass the exam. It is essential to rehearse examination questions.

So you definitely should concentrate with explanations and try to do as many past papers as reasonably are possible.

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