4 Tips to Manage AMC Exam

4 Tips to Manage AMC Exam

AMC MCQ examination is known to be a very tasking examination for IMG’s. But, if the structure and nature of the exam are properly understood, the exam would be approached in a confident manner that assures success in the AMC exam.

Having trained several IMGs, we’ve come to realise that the MCQ exam is not solely a test based on Medical Knowledge alone, but centered on their communication skill. This simply means that the examination is not driving at more knowledge acquisition but your professional attitude.

In the AMC exams, you need to play by the rules! And there’s no better way to do this if you are ignorant of some factors that count when preparing for the exam.

Which is why we have decided to share some very essential and proven study tips and methods  that you can model, apply and crush your AMC Exam.

Here are some step by step tips to pass AMC MCQ Exam;

  •  Don’t rely on too many books. What you should do instead is to go through the AMC Multiple Choice question. Doing this, gives you an inside view regarding the pattern of AMC Exam Questions. 
  • The next is for you to create a pattern when studying to help with cross-checking your answers as statement questions are buly. It is also important for you to be able to manage your time and concentration. Because tre people who get things done in the fastest time possible are those that would pass the exams.  
  • When reading the questions, highlight the important points, so that you can’t miss any of the questions and answer them properly without spending  a lot of time on them.
  • When you are going through AMC MCQ Bank while practising,  try to recall as well. Although they are not an exact recollection of the questions, Recalls will help keep you on track, but asked in AMC MCQ Examination.

After having mentioned these few tips, we need to reiterate that the most important thing is to prepare well. 

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