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Half a year has gone and we just completed another intake of the 10-week Clinical Bridging Course. Thank you for sharing your testimonial and it has been our absolute pleasure having you and we wish each and every student all the best with the examination. Study hard!


“AMRC exceeded my expectations. I learned so much from this course, not only clinical knowledge but also skills. The tutors, especially Sherin and Hana were very supportive. The classes are very interactive and the environment is overall lively and happy. The course is very intensive but they made sure classes remained fun and not boring.’’

“AMRC provided a great opportunity to me to prepare the Clinical exam and improve my English. I appreciate very much AMRC and all the tutors.”

“It’s a blessing to be here. This is the place where I met all the great people who inspired me to try my best to achieve all my goals and dreams.”

“Learned so much from this course, gained more confidence, and understanding of how I should go about with the preparation. Not to mention the new friends and family I gained.”

“It was a pleasure for me to join such a wonderful course, tutors, director and student were so cooperative. For me, it is one of the best experiences to be part of this family. Regarding the knowledge and practice for the exam, I recommend joining this wonderful course to be well prepared and oriented about the exam. Thanks AMRC.”

“Attending AMRC is the best choice I made for AMC 2. Most of the tutors are very good, patient and giving to us all the knowledge they have. They have explained and cleared all my confusions. I would recommend AMRC to my friends”, Dr. Lei Lei Htun, Nepal.

“It has been my immense pleasure to be receiving information and knowledge to fulfil the needs and requirements for AMC Clinical. Great tutors to share their knowledge and experience, to help achieve success in our journey. I have experienced positive vibes and amazing experience with fellow students and tutors! Thanks”, Deepti Arora, India.