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What is PESCI?


Pre-employment structured clinical interview or more commonly known as PESCI is an objective assessment of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, clinical experience and whether the doctor is suitable to practise in a specific position. The PESCI consists of a structured clinical interview using scenarios.


International Medical Graduates or IMGs applying for limited registration or provisional registration may be required to undergo a pre-employment structured clinical interview. After the PESCI, the information obtained is considered by the Board which help to decide whether registration is granted.


IMGs who are applying for limited or provisional registration to work in general practice are required to have a PESCI. If you are applying to work in a non-specialist hospital position that is high risk and/or not well supported, you may be required to have a PESCI as well.

If you are in the specialist pathway, you will not require a PESCI as you will be assessed by other relevant specialist medical college.


PESCI is pre-employment structured clinical interview. The first part focuses on your CV - so we ask questions which pertains to the participants’ CV. The second part explore scenarios consisting of around 12-16 cases that would be discussed depending on time constraints. Topics vary and may include adult medicine, O&G, paediatrics, elderly and mental health. At AMRC, we provide a one full-day course that aim to:

  • Explain the PESCI, its contents, process and format
  • Help candidates prepare for PESCI-style questions
  • Allow candidates to adjust and improve their clinical consultation skills
  • Give candidates a chance to practice and participate in interviews and roleplays.

The course is one day only so that it can easily fit into candidates schedule and will help orient candidates for PESCI. For more information regarding the PESCI workshop, click HERE, email or give us a call at 9007 4235.

For more information regarding PESCI and the PESCI process, refer to the Medical Board of Australia