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+ guiding overseas trained doctors towards medical excellence.
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Launch of Australian Medical Review Centre for International Medical Graduates

 “Knowledge is Power”, the age old saying summarizes it all for the seekers of quality education and knowledge. Year 2000 witnessed the emergence of a new private education provider in Sydney, Australian Institute of Commerce and Language (AICL). This was to provide Vocational Education Training courses to international students. With its high quality education and state of the art facilities AICL became a name to reckon with in the Education Industry. Cut to circa 2009, it was time to expand to higher education with the launch of Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIH). Over the past three years the growth for AIH has been phenomenal.  Having consolidated the position of AICL and AIH in the education industry, Managing Director Jim Yang has added yet another feather to his cap with the launch of the Australian Medical Review Centre (AMRC), offering bridging courses for overseas trained doctors and guiding them towards medical excellence.  

On 13th December 2012, a successful meeting was held between Australian Medical Review Centre (AMRC) and Australian Medical Centre (AMC) head office in Canberra. The objective of this collaboration between AMRC and AMC is to provide AMRC constant access to AMC resources, journals, books and other related reading material and include AMRC as one of the Bridging Course providers on the AMC website. AMRC has also signed an agreement with AMES, NSW to provide Online English courses to doctors enrolled in the bridging courses.

The launch of AMRC on 17th December 2012 happened amidst much fanfare.  To grace the occasion were doctors, prospective students, tutors and valued education and migration agents. The launch was also marked by the presence of esteemed names from the Medical and Education Industry such as  Australian Medical Council, Medical industry representative and Consultant Alan Roberts, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Nguyen, Resident Medical Officer at St. Vincent Hospital, Professor Grant Jones, Head of the School of Business, Australian Catholic University (ACU), Dr. Tarciano Bantatua, President of Phlippine-Australian Medical Association, Professor Joo -Gim Heaney, COO and Executive Dean at AIH to name a few.

The launch ceremony kick started with Marketing and Operations Director (AMRC, AICL, AIH) Aristotle Ortanez, introducing the organization and sharing the milestones achieved and the success story so far.

Followed by Dr. Nelia Encio, course coordinator for AMRC formally introducing the Bridging courses on offer and giving an overview of what overseas trained doctors can expect from AMRC.

Dr. Nguyen had an inspiring story to share from his life. For someone who came from Vietnam with a mere $250 in his pocket with almost no knowledge of English and not having practiced for the past 15 years, it was not easy for him to establish himself in the medical industry in Australia. However his sheer perseverance, hard work and introduction to Alan Roberts who in turn introduced him to the bridging courses for overseas trained doctors made it possible for Dr. Nguyen to start practicing in Australia.

It was Alan Roberts, Consultant (AMRC) and a  key medical industry representative, instrumental in formulating the bridging courses and making the Australian Medical industry accessible to overseas trained doctors, who took the audience back in time when sharing the story of how the bridging courses were conceptualized and came into being.  Over the past 25 years, Alan has been working towards the cause of integrating International Medical Graduates into the Australian Healthcare System.

Finally Managing Director Jim Yang before giving the vote of thanks shared his inspiring life story. He came to Australia as an international student and defied all odds to take a plunge in the education sector as an entrepreneur. Soon enough with AICL, AIH and AMRC in his portfolio, Jim Yang has become a name to reckon with in the Education Sector.

The presentation ceremony was followed by the cutting of the cake by Jim Yang (Managing Director), Marian Yang (Finance and Administration Director) along with AMC representatives.

The launch of AMRC marks the beginning of a new era of opportunities for those doctors who are trained overseas but want to get a foothold in the Australian Medical Industry. With this path breaking milestone in the Medical Education sector AMRC is determined to provide quality training and guidance for those overseas trained doctors seeking to succeed in Australia.