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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any available financial aid?

We are still working on avenues where permanent residents and Australian Citizens could avail financial aid from the government.

Special arrangements could be made and is subject to approval based on personal circumstances. For details, please contact

Could I attend only the trial exam?

Yes, you may. The Clinical Trial Exam is $700.00

Do I apply for a student visa?

No need to apply for a student visa for the bridging courses.

Do I need to be a licensed (from country of origin) doctor to take the courses?


How to apply:

You may download the application form from the link below, fill it up and send as email attachment to

MCQ and Clinical Bridging Course Application Form

Crash Clinical Course Application Form

Clinical Trial Exam Form

Please attach the following documents:

For the MCQ Bridging Course:

  1. A copy of your letter from the AMC stating that you have been assessed as eligible to sit the AMC CAT exam
  2. A copy of your CV
  3. Scanned copy of your passport

For the Clinical Bridging Course and Crash Clinical Course:

  1. A copy of your AMC MCQ results
  2. A copy of your CV
  3. Scanned copy of your passport

Application Closes:  1 month before the course commences or you may Contact us for available slots.

Is it worth it?

Yes, definitely! it is worth it and here are some of the reasons:

- These Bridging Courses introduce you to the Australian Medical System.

- It opens up a network of potential colleagues and referees

- It significantly increases your chances for getting good marks in the exams

- We offer a personalised approach in our tutorials and our students get all the support they need in their exam preparations

Is there an English Requirement for the course?

To attend the course, there is no English requirement.

Job Opportunities.

Here are some links to get you started on your search for job opportunities here in Australia:

Doctor Connect
NSW Health Jobs
Rural Health Workforce Australia
NSW Rural Doctors Network
Rural Workforce Agency, Victoria: RWAV

What if I am working and I could only attend on certain days?

Special arrangements could be made.

What if I have already passed my OET and I don’t need the English for Health Professionals : Doctors online course?

The English for Health Professionals: Doctors online course is a free course for those who would join the Clinical Bridging Course.  You can opt not to use it.

What if my scheduled exam is 2-3weeks before the course finishes, could I get any discount?

Special arrangements could be made and it would be on a case to case basis.

What reading materials do I read?

For the exam purposes.  The list of reading materials are in the AMC Examination Handbook.

Here are some links to journals available online.

Australian Prescriber
Australian Family Physician
Medical Journal of Australia
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners: Good Practice

What Visa do I apply for?

It is best to contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for visa requirements.

Most of our participants get the Visitors Visa or Business Visa subclass 456.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at Alrose Apartments Level 1 7-9 Churchill Ave Strathfield, NSW 2135.

Just a few steps away from Strathfield Station.

Once at the entrance, press 106 key in the intercom.


No e-news currently available.